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11 Must Have, Back to Work Essentials

Back to Work Essentials

For a healthier and more confident workplace comeback

With the slowdown of the spread of COVID 19 within Australia, many of our strict isolation restrictions are beginning to loosen, with many returning to schools and work for the first time in months.  While we adjust to the new normal this disease has created, here is a list of 11 back to work essentials that will help you feeling safer and more content when re-joining your everyday life and socialising with people again.

1. Disposable Face Masks - 50 pack

Perfect for any time you need to venture out into the world.  These disposable 3-ply Face Masks provides short-term protection from dust, pollen and germs. They are single use only but provide multi-layer protection and are highly breathable and comfortable to wear.

2. Fitness Pack

Although restrictions have somewhat loosened, gyms are still not open and it is just as important to exercise regularly to maintain optimum health.  This exercise pack includes: Marble Foam Balance Roller, Spiky Massage Ball with Hard Core, Yoga Mat, Yoga Block, Massage Roller Stick, Resistance Tubing, Exercise Ab Wheel.  Everything you need for a great at home workout.

3. KN95 Masks - 10 Pack

Unlike the above masks these KN95 face masks are designed with an inbuilt filter and can be worn more than once.  Their design is comfortable and lightweight perfect for everyday wear. They have a greater than 95% particle filtration for pollen, exhaust, industrial emissions, dust and allergies. These masks also help to reduce potential exposure to airborne particles.

Wearing a mask helps to provide added protection when going back to work, shopping or any outdoor activity.

4. Disposable Gloves

Gloves provide additional protection from your environment and outside factors. These gloves come in a box of 100 and provide a comfortable yet secure fit, they come in small, medium or large sizes.

5. BetterYou Vitamin B12 Oral Vitamin Spray

BetterYou B12 Oral Spray helps the body's ability to reduce the onset of fatigue and increase concentration levels as well as contributing to normal metabolism. Let’s face it, this is everything you need to transition back into your normal workplace routine without burning out.

Skip taking those pesky vitamin pills and spray instead. Studies have shown that when sprayed onto the inner cheek this method is more effective in delivering the vitamins you need than traditional vitamin pills.

6. Flexeze Hand Warmers - 5 pack

Don’t let the cold get you down, with winter coming FlexEze Hand Warmers are the perfect solution for hand stiffness associated with arthritis, stress and cold weather. Simply hold in your hands, pockets or tuck into gloves. Worth every dollar!

This kit contains 1 Body Wrap (One size fits all) and 2 Heat Patches and is ideal for Heat wrap therapy for natural all day pain relief.

7. Thermoskin Lumbar Support - with stabilisers

Working from home and using a laptop can cause a sore lower back. Thermoskin’s Lumbar Support with Stablisers provides both heat therapy and adjustable support for lower back injuries. This slim brace contours to your body and never bulges under your shirt so that you can safely wear this back brace and improve your posture without anyone at the office knowing.

8. BetterYou Vitamin D Oral Vitamin Spray

Stay healthy every day you go to work with BetterYou’s Daily Vitamin D Oral Spray. Having stayed at home for the last 2 months or more, means that your body has seen less sun than normal and thus may be deficient in Vitamin D.

Vitamin D helps in the maintenance of bones and teeth, supports a normal healthy immune system and contributes to a normal muscle function.  

9. Yoga Ball

Improve your posture with this Anti-Burst Exercise Ball. If you are looking to improve your spinal health whilst at your desk or seeking a multipurpose exercise product this is for you.

10. Flexeze Body Heat Wrap Kit

Sore back from not sitting correctly at your work desk? Try Flexeze Heat Wrap Kit for relief of back pain or arthritic pain associated with muscular spasm and joint stiffness.

11.Walk On Ankle Compression Socks

Sore feet from those quick lunchtime runs – try the Walk On Ankle Socks, designed to support your arch and heel. Help remove foot pain with the help of medical grade compression socks. Perfect for adding additional comfort between steps.

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