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12 Products To Help You Before And After Your Next Workout

12 Products To Help You Before And After Your Next Workout

Taking care of yourself is always important. Whether you are still in lock down or not, going back to the sports and exercises you used to love can be hard on your body. These 12 products will help you recover faster and get you back on the road to normal.


These are the 12 recovery products you never knew you needed, until now: 


1. A mini massage ball to relieve your tense leg muscles targeting specific areas of pain.

How to use: Gently roll the therapeutic massage ball in a circular or rocking motion, applying your preferred amount of pressure onto the affected area thereby increasing blood flow to encourage healing, loosening tight knotted muscles and relieving tension.

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2. Magnesium Oil for natural muscle relaxation and relief of muscle cramps.

The must have product for the day - Magnesium Oil Spray is our strongest and purest Magnesium Oil that provides natural muscle recovery, relieves stiffness and supports calcium absorption. 

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3. Resistance Tubing to improve strength, flexibility and range of motion.

Great for home-based strength training, the Resistance Tube is suited for total body workouts helping to tone and sculpt your muscles.

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4. A muscle roller stick designed to increase blood circulation and decrease cramps.

Easily reduce muscle tension throughout your body.

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5. CoolXChange because cold therapy is a great tool to help soothe pain and decrease swelling.

This 2 in 1 Gel Bandage combines cooling plus compression for great pain and inflammation relief. Reusable and requiring no refrigeration.

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6. A Thermoskin Knee Support or Brace to support recovery and pain management.

Thermoskin provide the best recovery and pain management supports and braces for any knee problems that might occur.

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7. A multi-functional foam roller to mimic a massage therapist's hands.

This durable foam roller provides a handy multi-function Trigger Point Grid surface which assists in providing excellent massage for sore muscles.

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8. A roll of kinesiology tape allowing blood vessels to open and muscles to recover faster.

Helps to increase blood circulation, improving healing time and pain of muscle injuries. Available in 3 different colours blue, beige and black.

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9. A bag of magnesium flakes for your tired muscles. Just throw some into your next bath and feel the pain soak away.

Having a magnesium bath after exercise promotes muscle recovery, relaxation and restful sleep. Available in 1kg and 250g packs.

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10. A quality yoga mat so you can perform all your stretches.

Move through your poses safely and keep your balance on the supportive non-slip surface whilst improving your fitness and flexibility.
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11. Curcumin Daily Oral Spray for relief of joint pain

Spray away joint pain naturally, with BetterYou’s daily oral turmeric vitamin spray.
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12. A pair of compression socks best for reducing swelling and the possibility of blood clots.

These ankle compression socks are designed with targeted compression zones to combat the ache of plantar fasciitis, arch and heel pain.
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Now you have all the tools and equipment you need, the next time you play a sport, exercise or participate in a Stadium Stomp event, you are prepared and feel FANTASTIC from taking care of your body.

Consult your doctor about your personal needs regarding health and wellness. This post is for informational purposes only and cannot substitute professional medical advice.

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