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Medical Braces & supports

Getting injured is never planned – but managing your pain is within your control, and is much easier with our supports and braces. Whether you are suffering from a sports injury or looking for a pain management solution for a chronic condition, such as repetitive strain injury (RSI) or arthritis, our neck, shoulder, back, leg and ankle braces can assist in supporting the affected body part.

Our selection of Thermoskin supports & braces is the most extensive range on the market. Thermoskin supports and braces include a Thermal, Sport, Elastic, and Healthcare Range, each designed to assist with various conditions, joint pain or soft tissue injuries. We also stock a variety of compression sleeves and socks, wrist wraps, arm slings, and back brace supports – the list goes on.

Here at iHealthSphere, we understand that there are countless ways to injure your body or suffer from chronic conditions– and it is our goal to offer products to help you recover and minimize pain. What’s more, we’re offering free shipping within Australia on all orders exceeding $100. Being injured is a terrible experience, but recovering doesn’t have to be.

Our range of professional medical braces and supports include:

  1. Shoulder & Neck Support Braces
  2. Back & Torso Braces
  3. Elbow Braces
  4. Thumb, Hand & Wrist
  5. Groin & Hip Braces
  6. Knee Braces
  7. Leg Braces
  8. Ankle & Foot Braces

iHealthSphere stocks the most extensive range of Thermoskin supports and also the Swede-O ankle brace which is designed to stabilise the ankle joint and assists with the recovery of ankle related-injuries. Check out our supports and braces and start your journey toward a healthy body today.

Benefits of Thermoskin Supports & Braces:
Thermal Range – clinically developed compression, support and heat therapy for sports injuries, arthritis and RSI
Sport Range – low profile, adjustable supports that provide warmth and comfort when worn during active performance
Elastic Range – reduce swelling and provide general support for weak or injured muscles and joints
Healthcare Range – designed to assist recovery in conditions generally diagnosed by a medical professional
Walk-On Range - provides superior comfort to assist with the everyday management of foot conditions


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  2. Thermoskin Sport Knee Adjustable
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