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Delivery Delays 2022 QLD and NSW

Network Update - 28 February 2022 - 11.50am

New South Wales and Queensland flood impacts

  • Heavy rain and flooding are disrupting services in impacted areas of New South Wales and Queensland.
  • This may disrupt our ability to deliver to merchants and consumers, and to make collections.
  • We are making every effort to support customers where it is safe to do so.
  • Our transport and deliveries teams are continually assessing flood impacts and we will make every effort to deliver and collect where it is safe to do so.
  • Several Post Offices will also be closed across the state due to flooding and road closures (see list below).
How to apply for professional pricing
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Professional Pricing

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How To Spend A Rainy Day : Physical Indoor Activities for Every Skill Level

Just because the weather doesn't always play along, doesn't mean you have to be stuck on the sofa. When running, biking or surfing are out of reach, try these five favorites to keep you moving year-round.

12 Products to Help You Before and After Your Next Workout
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12 Products To Help You Before And After Your Next Workout

Whether you are still in lock down or not, going back to the sports and exercises you used to love can be hard on your body. These 12 products will help you recover faster and get you back on the road to normal.
5 Simple Healthy Habits That Will Increase Your Health and Immunity
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5 Simple healthy habits that will increase your health and immunity

Being stuck indoors, unable to visit the gym or complete your regular health regiment, can make staying healthy feel like a very complicated task. Luckily for you there are 5 simple habits you can do that will not only help keep you stay sane but increase your overall health and immunity with little effort at all.
Why do my knees hurt after climbing stairs?
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Why do my knees hurt after climbing stairs?

Whether you are a complete beginner or are training for the latest Stadium Stomp competition, knee pain is frustrating. Below are 4 of the most common causes of knee pain associated with running and what you can do to treat and prevent them from happening to you:
Back to Work Essentials
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11 Must Have, Back to Work Essentials

With the slowdown of the spread of COVID 19 within Australia, many of our strict isolation restrictions are beginning to loosen, with many returning to schools and work for the first time in months.  While we adjust to the new normal this disease has created, here is a list of 11 back to work essentials that will help you feeling safer and more content when re-joining your everyday life and socialising with people again. 

Vitamin b12
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What is Vitamin B12 good for?

Vitamin B12 is one of the compounds collectively referred to as B Vitamins and is an essential vitamin for main functions. B12 is important in the body for the creation of new Red Blood Cells and healthy DNA synthesis.
Easter 2020 activities with your kids during coronavirus isolation
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Easter 2020 activities with your kids during coronavirus isolation

This year will be an Easter break like no other, without community egg hunts in the park, trips away or even catching up from friends and family. Australians have been told to stay at home this Easter long weekend. With many families all already working from home and home schooling, it seems like a difficult task to entertain the kids through this time. Even through COVID-19 restrictions are in place we can still have fun at home, in the backyard and online.
Vitamin D immune boosting against coronavirus
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The immune boosting ally in the fight against coronavirus

Weakened immunity increases risk of experiencing more severe infections, which are harder to treat.  Research suggests that vitamin D supplementation is very helpful in boosting the immune system and fighting against infection and disease. As fears grow that the coronavirus (also known as Covid-19) outbreak could reach pandemic scale, many people are searching for natural remedies to support their immunity and overall wellbeing.