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Thermoskin Sport Ankle Adjustable

Thermoskin Sport Ankle Adjustable

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Thermoskin Sport Thigh Hamstring Adjustable

Thermoskin Sport Tennis Elbow

Sport Tennis Elbow Support by Thermoskin provides support to help prevent forearm strain related injuries such as tennis elbow.
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Thermoskin Sport Tennis Elbow Strap

The Thermoskin Sport Tennis Elbow provides compression, support and warmth for weak or injured elbows during periods of increased activity. Tennis Elbow is a painful inflammation of the tendon on the lateral aspect of the elbow caused by the pull of the muscles, which extends to the wrist and fingers. Tennis Elbow effects 1-3% of people aged between 30 and 50, more commonly in men than women.

Tennis Elbow Supports are commonly utilised to provide protection, support and compression where forearm strain is an occupational hazard. The Thermoskin Sport Tennis Elbow is designed with a VR system that provides greater adjustability, a tendon pad to target localised compression and G7 Flex Lining for warmth and comfort during increased activity.

Support Level: Stabilising / Warmth Level: Moderate

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What is tennis elbow?

Tennis Elbow, is a common term referring to pain felt through overuse of the forearm, hand muscles and arm that results in pain felt in the elbow region. Tennis Elbow refers to damage to the outside muscles and tendons of the elbow where Golfer's Elbow refers to damage to the muscles on the inside of the elbow. Although many athletes suffer from this condition, you do not need to play tennis or golf to get this injury.

Key features and benefits:

  • Designed with a VR system that provides greater adjustability
  • Features a tendon pad to target localised compression
  • Includes G7 Flex Lining for warmth and comfort during increased activity
  • One size fits most, universal design
  • Endorsed by APA (Australian Physiotherapy Association) & AIS (Australian Institute of Sport)
  • Covered by a 12 month guarantee against faulty workmanship or materials
  • Suitable for various activities, including:

  • Tennis
  • Squash
  • Badminton
  • Golf
  • Periods of increased activity
  • May be suitable for:

  • Tennis Elbow
  • Golfer's Elbow
  • Forearm strain
  • Size guide:

  • The Sport Tennis Elbow is One Size Fits Most.
  • How to wear:

    1. Apply the elbow strap to the upper forearm, just below the elbow.
    2. Position pad over the area where weakness or soreness occurs.
    3. Lock support in place with fastener strap.
  • Not suitable for wear within 72 hours of an acute injury or whilst sleeping
  • Thermoskin Sport Technology

    Thermoskin Sport range is designed for performance with comfort and durability in mind. These innovative low profile, adjustable braces provide a new generation of support for active performance. This range has a unique three layered material composition:

  • G7 Flex Lining: Exclusive lining that provides warmth and comfort during increased activity

  • S Stretch Core: Superlight, soft material which provides superior stretch for all round support and compression

  • VR System: Allows for greater adjustability and comfort during active performance

  • Thermoskin Sport supports are endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association.
    Thermoskin Sport is an official supplier of the Australian Institute of Sport.

    Thermoskin Sport Range
    When to use:
    1. Prevention: Thermoskin Sport may be worn prior, during or after activities to help prevent soft tissue injuries.
    2. Management: Thermoskin Sport is a valuable complement to present methods of treatment. Worn almost anywhere and anytime, it works continuously to overcome injury post 72 hours.

  • The fit should be firm but not tight
  • Use the Thermoskin Sport support after the initial trauma subsides. First action calls for rest, ice, compression
  • Do not use within 72 hours following acute injury
  • Do not wear whilst showering

  • Care instructions:
    It is recommended to place the product in a delicates washing bag.Machine wash with cold water. Drip dry. Do not wring, tumble dry, bleach or dry in direct sunlight.

    Rubber Foam
    Does not contain Latex.

    Do not wear within the first 72 hours following an acute injury. This product contains a synthetic fibre, which may cause allergic reactions. Should an irritation or rash develop, discontinue use and seek medical advice. If pain persists, consult your medical professional.

    Your Thermoskin product is covered by a twelve month guarantee against faulty workmanship or materials.

    Made in Thailand.