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thermoskin compression wrist wrap

Thermoskin Compression Wrist Wrap

thermoskin abdominal binder

Thermoskin Adjustable Abdominal Binder

Thermoskin Arm Sling with Shoulder Pad

Universal Arm Sling by Thermoskin provides elevation and support for arm-related injuries and wrist injuries
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Thermoskin Arm Sling

The Arm Sling is part of the Thermoskin Healthcare range and provides support and elevation for arm and wrist related injuries. Reversible for either arm with comfort pad to stop pressure around the neck and shoulder.

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Key features and benefits

  • Universal design: can be worn on either arm
  • 80% cotton improves breathability
  • Provides support of arms or wrist
  • Includes shoulder comfort pad to reduce pressure
  • Covered by a 12 month guarantee against faulty workmanship or materials
  • May be suitable treatment of:

  • Shoulder dislocations
  • Broken arm
  • Size guide:

    The Thermoskin Arm Sling is ONE SIZE FITS ALL

    How to use an arm sling:

    The proper method of slinging depends on the location of the arm injury. Many medical professionals recommend the use of an arm sling for injuries to the forearm. The arm sling can be utilised to immobilise the arm after an incident or to aid recovery. Unlike an elevated sling, an arm sling allows the injured arm to rest in a comfortable position parallel to the ground, while still providing a level of adjustability so that the wrist is higher than the elbow.

    How to wear

    1. Place injured arm in the blue pouch.
    2. Adjust shoulder strap so that the arm is resting in a comfortable position.
  • Please consult your healthcare specialist for appropriate use prior to applying this products.
  • Thermoskin Healthcare Range

    Thermoskin provide a range of healthcare supports and treatment aids designed to assist recovery in conditions generally diagnosed by a medical professional.

    Available in a variety of sizes and for a range of applications.

    Please consult your healthcare specialists for appropriate use prior to applying these products.

    Care instructions:

    Hand wash in cold water with mild soap. Rinse thoroughly, Drip dry, Do not wring, twist, tumble dry, bleach or dry in direct sunlight.

    80% Cotton
    20% Polyester

    Comfort Pad:
    Polyester and Foam

    Should an irritation or rash develop, discontinue use and consult your medical professional.

    Your Thermoskin product is covered by a twelve month guarantee against faulty workmanship or materials.

    Made in Taiwan