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Exercise Mat

8 Fold Exercise Mat

Marble Foam Balance Roller (15 x 30cm)

Marble Foam Balance Roller (15 x 30cm)

Balance Cushion

Balance Cushion to aid core strength and balance. Diameter 33cm x 5.3cm.
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Balance Cushion

The Balance Cushion, made from ECO friendly PVC, is an inflatable cushion used for core strength and balance exercise which combines as a training aid to improve balance and coordination. It's effective for working on core and lower body strength and stabilising muscles and joints.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Designed with functionality and practicality in mind, the balance cushion combines the benefits of a seated cushion, a balance board, and a gym ball
  • The portable design makes it ideal for use at home, the office, or at the gym
  • Includes a smooth side for standing, a dimpled side for comfortable and effective sitting, and it comes in a trendy matte finish
  • Effective in improving posture, muscle strength, joint stabilisation, and balance
  • Improves proprioception after injuries or surgery involving the leg
  • Balance training exercises have been shown to help children with dyspraxia, dyslexia, and ADHD
  • Regularly used by professional therapists in the prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of a range of sports related injuries: such as those relating to the ankles and knees
  • Used for a wide range of muscle strengthening exercises (in standing, seated, and press-up positions) and as an active seating aid

May Be Suitable Treatment For:

  • Sprained ankle & arthritis
  • Knee anterior cruciate injuries
  • Post-knee anterior cruciate surgery
  • Post-knee meniscus (cartilage) surgery
  • Post-joint replacement surgery
  • Collateral knee ligament injury

Size / Dimensions

  • Size: Diameter 33cm x 5.3cm
  • Weight: 1000g
  • Colour: Black
  • Material: ECO Friendly PVC (Phthalate-Free)