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Thermoskin EXO Adjustable Wrist Support

Thermoskin EXO Wrist

Thermal Ankle Brace Black

Thermoskin Ankle Black

Thermoskin EXO Adjustable Stabilising Back Support

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Thermoskin EXO Adjustable Stabililsing Back Support

Thermoskin EXO's superior designs bring comfort and support together. 

Thermoskin EXO™ Adjustable Stabilising Back Support is designed to help relieve muscular pain and stabilise the lower-mid back. Integrated stabilisers contour to the natural curve of the spine and help to provide firm stability whilst the dual strapping system allows for enhanced stabilisation through variable compression.

Two piece design:

Base layer with EXO material for increased warmth and blood flow, quad integrated stabilisers and adjustable elastic closure to provide support and stabilise the lower back.

Dual layer elastic straps fit over the top to provide increased compression as required and improved stabilisation.

Suitable for lower back muscular pain and injury, instability and lordosis reduction by means of proprioceptive compression in the abdominal area.

EXO™ THERMO REGULATION TECHNOLOGY A new innovation to the Thermoskin® range our exclusive EXO™ thermo regulation material releases energy in the form of heat. EXO™ converts moisture into heat, working to provide increased muscle temperature and blood flow to aid in recovery. This is effective in the management of pain and injuries to soft tissue. The EXO™ range helps to maintain a lightweight feel by converting moisture away from the skin, giving a longer more comfortable wear.

Support Level: Stabilising / Warmth Level: Moderate

Features and Benefits:

  • For general lower back muscular pain and injuries
  • Warmth and support for lower back
  • Dual Strapping system for enhanced stabilisation
  • Quad integrated stabilisiers provide firm stability.
  • Low profile comfort design.


MATERIAL Nylon, Polyester, Spandex, Rubber Foam, Silicone. Contains Latex.

WARNING Should an irritation or rash develop, discontinue use and seek medical advise. If pain persists, consult your medical professional. This product contains silicone.

INSTRUCTIONS Wash before wear.

Position the lower part of the back piece right on the coccyx bone and then wrap the side straps and secure at the front. Secure the second elastic side straps for extra compression. Side straps can be pulled tighter for extra compression as required.


Wear against skin for best effect.