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Multi-Function Muscle Massage Roller (13 x 30cm)-Black - 1

Multi-Function Muscle Massage Roller (13 x 30cm)-Black - 1

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Yoga Block Black

Multi-Function Muscle Massage Roller (13 x 30cm)-Blue - 0

Trigger Point Foam Roller provides a thorough massage for muscles.
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Trigger Point Foam Roller

This durable foam roller provides a handy multi-function Trigger Point Grid surface which assists in providing excellent massage for muscles and may also be used for trigger point therapy. The firm inner core is constructed out of ABS material to withstand heavy, repeated use without softening. The outer EVA foam layer provides soft to skin feeling for optimal comfort. The Trigger Point Grid Foam Roller has a hard-inner tube of ABS material and an outer layer of EVA foam. It is designed to withstand repeated use and provides excellent trigger point therapy whilst also providing a thorough massage for muscles.

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Benefits of trigger point rollers

  • Trigger point therapy
  • Massaging muscles
  • Increasing blood circulation

What is trigger point therapy?

A trigger point is a tight area within muscle tissue that causes referred pain elsewhere in the body. For example neck pain may be referred to the shoulder blade area. Trigger point therapy aims to reduce the tension at the original source of the pain in order to relieve pain felt elsewhere in the body.

How to use

We recommend consulting a health professional for advice on how to use the trigger point foam roller correctly for specific ailments.

May be suitable for:

  • Iliotibial Band (IT Band) injuries
  • Muscle tightness and stiffness
  • Exercise recovery and cool-down stretches
  • Yoga, pilates, massage therapy