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EXO Double Shoulder

EXO Double Shoulder

Thermoskin EXO Dual Pad Tennis Elbow

EXO Dual Pad Tennis Elbow Support

EXO Adjustable Elbow Wrap

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Thermoskin EXO Adjustable Elbow Wrap

Thermoskin's EXO's superior Designs brings comfort and support together

Provides protection, support and increased thermal properties that aid in the rehabilitation of elbow tendon injuries such as tennis and golfer’s elbow. Full wrap design provides compression and support whilst maintaining comfort. Suitable for elbow injuries, sportspeople, tradesmen and manual handling jobs.

Support Level: Moderate / Warmth Level: Moderate 

EXO Elbow Wrap Sizing Chart

Features and Benefits:

  • For weak or injured elbows
  • Helps provide support for tennis or golfer elbow
  • Compression and warmth to increase recovery
  • Adjustable for custom fit
  • Mesh for durability and ventilation



A new innovation to the Thermoskin® range our exclusive EXO™ thermo regulation material releases energy in the form of heat. EXO™ converts moisture into heat, working to provide increased muscle temperature and blood flow to aid in recovery. This is effective in the management of pain and injuries to soft tissue. The EXO™ range helps to maintain a lightweight feel by converting moisture away from the skin, giving a longer more comfortable wear.