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Special Elastic Adhesive Bandage 75mm

TheraBand 1.8M Resistance Tubing

TheraBand 30.48M (100FT) Resistance Tubing

1L Sharps Container

1L sharps container for safe disposal of sharp and contaminated waste.
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1L Sharps Container

The Sharps Container is used for the safe and secure disposal of acupuncture needles and other contaminated waste including needles, scalpel blades and band-aids.

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Key features and benefits:

  • Lightweight, plastic container perfect for use in professional clinics and treatment rooms
  • Can also be used in private households
  • Safe and secure disposal of hazardous waste and sharp objects, such as needles
  • Professional quality
  • Made from high visible yellow plastic
  • Fast shipping
  • Lightweight, super-fine needle tip
  • Usually ships within 24 hours