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Versa Towel Rolls and Dispensers

Manufactured by the nation’s most trusted personal care corporation, Kimberly-Clark Versa Towel rolls are high quality, professional towels that are suitable for a wide variety of applications. From clinical to at-home use, these 2-ply industrial paper hand towels are extremely absorbent and give you the ultimate cleaning advantage. Versa Towels are noted for their effective performance formula, which makes cleaning hands and surfaces soiled by the toughest dirt, paint, ink, and grease simpler than ever. Kimberly-Clark paper towels are made with carefully selected ingredients that surpass the quality of the most popular hand towel brands. No longer do you have to worry about dry, itchy or cracked hands: each hand towel is blended with six conditioners to help moisturize and protect your skin! An additional perk is that these towels are environmentally friendly, VOC compliant, made with a biodegradable formula and sold in a 100 percent recyclable container.

Looking for an easy way to store and use these towels? Try the versa towel dispensers! The dispenser is available in small or large sizes, made of a durable PS plastic and can be secured to virtually any wall. Try versa towels today and see why they are a favorite among professionals and consumers today!

Versa Towel Dispenser - Small (24.5 x 41.5CM) Versa Towel Dispenser - Small (24.5 x 41.5CM)

Versa Towel Dispenser Small. Wall mounted design for easy and efficient distribution of Versa Towel.

Price: $53.55 inc. GST