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Thumb, Hand & Wrist Supports

Our range of thumb, hand and wrist supports provide compression, support and comfort. They are designed to assist with the recovery and pain management of various hand and arm conditions. Thermoskin supports immobilise the affected region without inhibiting the individual from the daily demands of life. We stock a range of supports and braces which stabilise the thumb to prevent further injury. Plus, find a range of hand wraps and wrist supports which help you get the most out of every motion.

Common thumb, hand & wrist injuries include:
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • RSI
  • Arthritis
  • Tendonitis
  • Skier’s Thumb
  • Collateral Ligament injuries
  • Lateral Ulnar Ligament injuries
  • Carpometacarpal Joint injuries
  • Sprains & strains
  • Sport & work related injuries

Browse thumb, hand & wrist supports:

wrist wrap support Thermoskin Compression Wrist Wrap

An ambidextrous wrap design with fastener straps allows for a comfortable, adjustable fit to support weak and injured wrists.

Price: $18.87 inc. GST
Thermoskin universal wrist support Thermoskin Wrist

Thermoskin Thermal Wrist provides mild support for wrist-related injuries such as sprains and tendonitis.

Price: $23.11 inc. GST
Thermoskin wrist wrap and support Thermoskin Adjustable Wrist Wrap

Enhanced therapy and adjustable support for acute and chronic wrist injuries.

Price: $24.12 inc. GST
arthritic treatment Thermoskin Arthritic Wrist Hand

Fully adjustable to enhance ease of application and compression variation.

Price: $35.42 inc. GST
Sale Price: $24.79 inc. GST
Savings: $10.63
Adjustable wrist support Thermoskin Sport Wrist Adjustable

Thermoskin Sport Wrist Adjustable provides warmth, support and compression to the wrist.

Price: $24.95 inc. GST
Thermoskin support for wrist and hand Thermoskin Wrist Hand

May be useful for the treatment of tendonitis, wrist sprains and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Price: $34.95 inc. GST
Sport thumb support Thermoskin Sport Thumb

Adjustable thumb support and compression during active performance.

Price: $34.97 inc. GST
Tan Thermoskin Stabilising Thumb Splint Thermoskin Thumb Stabiliser

Prevent hyperextension of the thumb with this rigid splint.

Price: $33.09
Tan Thermoskin Adjustable Two-Strap Immobilising Wrist & Forearm Splint Thermoskin Wrist Forearm Splint

Enhanced therapy and premium support with extended bracing for optimising wrist hand positioning.

Price: $49.95
Sale Price: $34.97
Savings: $14.98
Thermoskin Wrist Brace Thermoskin Wrist Brace

Thermoskin Wrist Brace provides support for acute injuries and Carpal Tunnel.

Price: $36.31
Tan Thermoskin Semi-Rigid Thum Support Brace Thermoskin Flexible Thumb Splint

Semi-rigid splint supports the CMC joint and UCL joint and may be useful in treating sport-induced injuries.

Price: $37.75
Thermoskin CMC Thumb Brace Thermoskin CMC Thumb

Enhanced therapy and thermal support with cross-x straps for stabilising the thumb.

Price: $43.99 inc. GST
Tan Thermoskin Mouldable Thumb Splint Thermoskin Thumb Spica

Commonly used for sports and industrial work related thumb injuries. Learn more..

Price: $44.95
Tan Thermoskin 25-Degree Wrist & Hand Support Brace Thermoskin Wrist Hand Brace

Features Velcro locking straps and metal splint to allow for increased support and circulation.

Price: $45.95
Tan Thermoskin Wrist Support Brace with Dorsal Stay Thermoskin Wrist Hand Brace with Dorsal Stay

The Thermoskin Wrist Hand Brace with Dorsal Stay aids in the treatment of RSI, tendonitis and other wrist / hand injuries and conditions

Price: $47.95
Arthritic pain gloves Thermoskin Gloves

Thermal adjustable support to provide temporary relief for wrist and hand arthritic pain. (Sold as a pair)

Price: $53.32 inc. GST
Thermoskin wrist hand brace with thumb splint Thermoskin Wrist Hand Brace with Thumb Splint

Provides deluxe support with splints for optimising wrist and thumb positioning.

Price: $62.88