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Thermoskin Healthcare

Thermoskin Healthcare supports and treatment aids are designed to assist recovery in conditions generally diagnosed by a medical professional.
This range provides quality material, functional fit and comfort.

Please consult with your healthcare specialist for appropriate use prior to applying these products.

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arm sling Thermoskin Arm Sling

Universal Arm Sling by Thermoskin provides elevation and support for arm-related injuries and wrist injuries

Price: $12.86 inc. GST
Inguinal hernia Belt Thermoskin Hernia Belt

The Thermoskin Hernia Belt features flexible front pads to provide additional comfort for medically diagnosed groin complaints

Price: $69.17 inc. GST
Adjustable neck brace Thermoskin Soft Cervical / Neck brace

Thermoskin neck brace offers adjustable support for neck injuries such as: whiplash, wry neck, neck strain, pinched nerve.

Price: $12.00
Sale Price: $8.40
Savings: $3.60
Clavicle Support Thermoskin Clavicle Support

Clavicle Support by Thermoskin Healthcare provides support and can help correct positioning of the collarbone.

Price: $53.79 inc. GST
plaster shoe boot Thermoskin Plaster Shoe

May be useful for use post-plaster cast application. Durable shoe which prevents slipping.

Price: $49.96 inc. GST
Thermoskin knee compression sleeve Thermoskin Cooper Knee Alignment Sleeve

This knee compression sleeve is specially designed by leading sports physiotherapist Randall Cooper.

Price: $99.00 inc. GST
ankle orthosis Thermoskin Ankle Armour

Superior bracing utilising stabilisers and patented offset panels.

Price: $59.95
ankle orthosis Thermoskin Ankle Defence

Designed to help reduce the severity and frequency of ankle injuries.

Price: $54.95
Thermoskin Sacroiliac Support Belt Thermoskin Sacroiliac Support Belt

Stability through the core area of pelvis, hip and lower back to help reduce injury.

Price: $49.95 inc. GST