Stomper Injury Recovery Bundle

Stomper Injury Recovery Bundle

The Ultimate Stomper Recovery Bundle

After participating in the Virtual Stadium Stomp Challenge you may feel a little more sore than when you started. Get back on those stairs faster than ever.  

The Ultimate Stomper Recovery Bundle includes:

  • 1x BetterYou Magnesium bath flakes 1kg
  • 1x BetterYou Magnesium Oil 100ml
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The Virtual Stadium Stomp Challenge is hard work!  After so many steps you deserve to relax and be pampered. Help your muscles recover as quick as possible with this magnesium rich bundle. Magnesium is great for relieving muscles cramps.

This pack includes:

1kg BetterYou Magnesium Bath Salts have a relaxing whole body or foot bath whilst helping your body absorb important magnesium.

100ml of BetterYou Magnesium Oil is an easy to apply and concentrated dose of magnesium to the parts of your body that really need it.

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