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How To Apply Kinesiology Tape

The Benefits of Kinesiology and Taping

What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is a natural therapy that involves using muscle monitoring techniques to evaluate and determine a person's wellbeing. By studying the body's movement through these techniques, therapists can determine what is causing stresses on the body and how to relieve them. The different Kinesiology techniques also identify and correct energy blockages as well as promote physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing.

Benefits of Kinesiology:

  • Can enhance learning
  • Improve sport performance
  • Relieve muscle tension and pain
  • Reduce stress
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Determine & treat allergies

What Techniques Are Used?

Kinesiology employs a number of different techniques to assist with enhancing health and wellbeing, These can include:

  • Acupressure, targeting reflex and trigger points
  • Lymphatic massage techniques
  • Flower essences
  • Aromatherapy
  • Nutritional guidance

Kinesiology Tape

Kinesiology Taping is a worldwide technique being used successfully on the sporting field as well as in a physiotherapy setting. Ares Kinesiology Tape assists with pain management and rehabilitation of inflammation, stiffness, bruising and pain arising from sports injuries, arthritis, general muscle fascia and tendon conditions. The tape is specifically designed to replicate the thickness and elasticity of skin. When applied, Ares Tape lifts the skin's surface to enhance blood and fluid circulation. This is believed to enhance the natural healing process and allow for a wide range of therapeutic and performance benefits.

Ares Kinesiology Tape assists with:

  • Preventing muscle and joint fatigue
  • Muscle and joint performance, range of motion and allows for better quality muscle contraction
  • Enhancing performance

How Does It Work?

When a muscle is inflamed, swollen or stiff, the space between the skin and the muscle is compressed. This restricts the flow of lymphatic fluid and blood circulation, placing pressure on the pain receptors between the skin and muscle. Receptors send discomfort signals to the brain, resulting in the sensation of 'pain'. Ares Tape works by lifting the skin to promote lymphatic fluid and blood circulation in the taped area and reduce the pressure on pain receptors.

Stretching the skin when applying Ares Tape allows for wrinkles to form when the skin returns to its normal or neutral position. This wrinkling effect essentially lifts the skin for improved lymphatic fluid and blood flow assisting in the reduction of inflammation, pain, muscle fatigue as well as increased range of motion (ROM) and improved muscle contraction for performance enhancement.

How To Apply Ares Tape

  1. Ares Tape can be applied on your own, by a health professional or anyone else assisting you.
  2. Ares Tape can be applied in various ways, depending on the body area to be taped and the condition being treated or prevented. Each Ares Tape comes with a mini guide covering the most common conditions.
  3. General taping methods will require stretching of the skin with no stretch to the tape, other taping methods may require stretching of the tape itself with no stretch to the skin. Ares Tape is applied using anchors at the end, or an anchor in the middle. Ares Tape can be cut in varying shapes to fit different areas of the body.
  4. Always apply the ends of your tape (last two centimeters) with no stretch.
  5. It is best to round the edges of you Ares Tape when cutting to avoid edges being caught on clothing.

Tape Shapes

  1. Be sure the skin is free from oils, lotions and moisture before applying. Cleaning the skin with alcohol will ensure a strong adhesive bond.
  2. Remove two inches of paper from end of tape and apply.
  3. Tear paper in the middle and peel back paper to expose middle section of tape.
  4. Always attach the last 2 inches without stretching tape.
  5. To ensure proper setting of the adhesive, rub hand over tape to secure the edges.
See General Taping instructions for further information on how to tape some common conditions or visit arestape.com.au for clinical applications.

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