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Tennis Elbow

Tennis Elbow is a common type of elbow pain that is generally caused by repetitive stress on the tendons or overuse of the hand, wrist or forearm. This injury often occurs as a result of playing specific sports or completing everyday work tasks. Find out more about the causes, symptoms and treatments for Tennis Elbow. Plus, find a range of supports and braces and products to assist with alleviating elbow pain caused by Tennis Elbow.

Anatomy of the Elbow

Anatomy of the elbowThe lateral epicondyle of the humerus, a bony prominence on the outside of the elbow, is the common site of attachment for most of the muscles in the back of the forearm. Tennis elbow is a painful inflammation of the tendon on the lateral aspect of the elbow, caused by the pull of the muscles, which extend the wrist and fingers.

Tennis Elbow Causes

Tennis Elbow occurs due to strain from repeated, forceful wrist extension (eg. gripping tennis racquet during a shot), causing degeneration and inflammation of the associated tendons.

Common causes of Tennis Elbow:

  • Weakness of lack of flexibility in the forearm muscles
  • Instability in the elbow joint
  • Incorrect sporting technique that puts strain on the elbow
  • Forceful gripping of the hand during sport activities EG: tennis or squash Or manual work such as painting, sewing or using a screwdriver
  • Repetitive movement of the hand, wrist or arm
  • Carrying or working with heavy loads

Tennis Elbow Symptoms

The symptoms related to Tennis Elbow tend to develop slowly over time. Initially, you may feel an ache following an aggravating or different activity.

Common symptoms of Tennis Elbow:

  • Pain is felt mainly at the lateral (outside) aspect of the elbow, it may also radiate upwards along the upper arm or more commonly downwards along the outside of the forearm
  • Grip strength is affected causing problems with carrying things. In some cases, light tasks such as picking up a glass of water are enough to precipitate pain
  • A distinct tender point is elicited by pressure or percussion over the lateral epicondyle (bone on the outside of the elbow) or just distal to it
  • Stiffness in the elbow, which can be worse first thing in the morning
  • Pain occurs over the lateral epicondyle (bone on the outside of the elbow) when with resisted wrist extension or third finger extension

Treatment for Tennis Elbow

Depending on how long symptoms have been present, minor cases of tennis elbow can be treated within a few weeks with the help of massage, acupuncture, exercises prescribed by your doctor or physiotherapist or taping and bracing your elbow.
Please consult with your medical professional for a complete diagnosis of your elbow pain and tailored elbow pain treatment plan.

Recommended Thermoskin products:

Under the direction of your medical professional and in conjunction with your advised treatment plan, either of the following Thermoskin supports or braces is recommended:

  • Tennis Elbow Strap with Pressure Pad – provides protection, support and compression where forearm strain is an occupational hazard. Features an adjustable strap for rotational stability and a pad to provide localised compression to the problem area.
  • Sport Tennis Elbow - provides compression, support and warmth during periods of increased activity
  • Elbow – provides additional impact protection to the point of the elbow and surrounding muscles. Designed with protection, support and thermal properties.
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