Dynamic Compression Knee Sleeve

Dynamic Compression Knee Sleeve

EXO Knee Patella Strap

EXO Knee Patella Strap

Dynamic Compression Knee Stabiliser

Knitted compression sleeve with targeted zones and inbuilt stabilisers for weak and injured knees
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Thermoskin Dynamic Compression Knee Stabiliser

The Knee Stabiliser has been designed with additional support and anti-slip to minimise movement. The removable silicone ring is designed to cushion and reduce kneecap movement. Variable compression zones provide targeted support for muscle maintenance pre and post-injury.

Zone 1: Firm Compression Flexible stabilisers with anti-slip are designed to allow freedom of movement whilst increasing support and knee stability during activity and while at rest.

Zone 2: Moderate Compression Circular knit designed to provide comfort across the knee patella, with silicone ring for optional kneecap stability.

Zone 3: Light Compression Back knit panel contours to knee to minimise bunching and allows free range of movement.



Thermoskin Dynamic Compression Knee Stabiliser Sizing Guide

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Instructions: Wash support before wear. Place foot into wider end of the sleeve and slide along the leg until the gel pad panel is located over the kneecap (patella), Adjust the sleeve so that it sits comfortably.