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Sea Band Morning Sickness Remedies & Nausea Treatment

If you suffer from motion or travel sickness, rest easy, we have the treatment for you! Sea-Bands are reusable elastic wrist bands which are a natural, drug-free method to reduce the symptoms of nausea. The method behind Sea-Bands originates from ancient China. These knitted motion sickness bands utilize acupressure by placing light pressure upon the Nei-Kuan point on your wrist – effectively relieving feelings of nausea. Instead of spending your day feeling queasy, use one of these Sea- Bands and experience relief.

These wristbands have also helped many women minimise the effects of morning sickness during pregnancy. Sea-Bands have no side effects because it does not contain any active ingredients, making it safe for pregnant women to use during their first trimester.

Sea-Band develops trusted travel sickness bands for customers of all ages – they’re safe for the entire family. Next time you hop on a boat, train or plane, take these wristbands with you for lasting relief.


Nausea remedy band Sea-Band Nausea Relief - Adult

Provides an effective, reusable and natural solution to nausea and other similar ailments.

Price: $16.94 inc. GST
Nausea remedy for children Sea-Band Nausea Remedy - Child Blue

Provides a natural and reusable solution to the symptoms of nausea.

Price: $16.94 inc. GST
Nausea remedy family pack Sea-Band Family Pack (2 adult + 2 child)

Provides a drug free, comfortable and reusable solution to the effects of nausea for the family.

Price: $49.95 inc. GST
Nausea remedy for children Sea-Band Nausea Remedy - Child Pink

Provides a natural and effective solution to nausea symptoms and vomitting.

Price: $16.94 inc. GST
Nausea remedy band Sea-Band Mama Nausea Relief

Provides an effective, drug free natural solution to nausea related to morning sickness.

Price: $16.94 inc. GST