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Resistance bands and tubing

Resistance bands and tubing are popular exercise and rehab tools due to their effectiveness, versatility and portability. Our range of Theraband resistance bands assists users to rehabilitate injuries and/or enhance athletic performance by improving muscular strength. Each band is colour coded based on level of resistance to indicate progression. Our range of Theraband tubing helps users with improving strength, range of motion and cooperation of muscle groups. There are numerous colour-coded tubes to indicate level of resistance.

Theraband resistance grades:
Tan: Extra light
Green: Medium level of resistance
Gold: Strongest resistance

Browse resistance bands:

resistance tube TheraBand 25 FT Tubing

TheraBand 25ft Resistance Tubing for resistance-based exercises.

Price: $28.36 inc. GST
resistance tube TheraBand 100ft Resistance Tubing

TheraBand 100ft Resistance Tubing for resistance-based exercises.

Price: $97.35 inc. GST
TheraBand 6-Yard Bands TheraBand 6-Yard Bands

TheraBand Resistance Bands help users rehabilitate injuries and/or enhance athletic performance.

Price: $24.40 inc. GST
TheraBand Latex Free Resistance Bands Theraband 25-Yard Latex Free

Latex free TheraBand 25-yard resistance tubing.

Price: $90.83 inc. GST
theraband 50-yard resistance bands in box TheraBand 50-Yard Dispenser Box

TheraBand Professional 50-Yard Resistance Bands in a convenient Dispenser Box

Price: $160.03 inc. GST
TheraBand FlexBar TheraBand FlexBar

FlexBar provides portable rehabilitation for hands, wrists, shoulders and elbows.

Price: $23.23 inc. GST
Pilates double hand ring Pilates Ring - Medium Resistance

Pilates ring to tone and strengthen many vital muscle groups.

Price: $25.25 inc. GST
Resistance Tubing Resistance Tubing - Medium Resistance

Resistance Tubing for a total body workout.

Price: $14.25 inc. GST