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Leg Pain and Injury Treatment

It may not come as a surprise that trauma is the leading cause of leg pain. Accidents, falls, and twists can damage the bones found in our legs and have adverse effects on the muscles and joints that surround them. Among the wide variety of leg-related issues, hernias, shin splints and thigh or hamstring pain tend to be the most common. While these leg pain causes and injuries are commonly associated with athletes who periodically overuse their joints and muscles, they can affect anyone, regardless of physical regiment.

Suffering from leg pain or injuries affecting your lower limbs? At iHealthSphere, we care greatly about your health and dedicate ourselves to offering top of the line medical resources and products for our customers. We have compiled a variety of healthcare resources that address the causes, symptoms and treatments to common leg-related injuries. Just click the condition above to read more about that topic. And as always, if you are looking for braces for leg injuries and a hernia or groin strains, feel free to browse our full selection of medical supports.

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Ares Kinesio Strapping Tape Ares Kinesio Tape - Black - 5cm x 5m

Available in a range of colours, discover the many benefits of the Ares kinesio tape range.

Price: $18.48 inc. GST
Blue kinesio tape Ares Kinesio Tape - Blue - 5cm x 5m

May enhance performance by aiding the rehabilitation from sports-related injuries, such as shin splints.

Price: $18.48 inc. GST
Kinesio tape roll Ares Kinesio Tape - Beige - 5cm x 5m

Ares Kinesio Tape offers a gentle but effective approach to the management of muscle and joint pain and shin splints

Price: $18.48 inc. GST
Massage Roller Stick Massage Roller Stick

Provides a more comfortable and effective massage that targets muscles and aids in recovery.

Price: $20.85 inc. GST
Dynamic Compression Knee Sleeve Dynamic Compression Knee Sleeve

Variable compression zones provide targeted support for muscle maintenance pre
and post-injury, whilst allowing the breathable, skin-friendly knit to adapt to
every movement.

Price: $26.95 inc. GST
Thermoskin Calf Shin Support Thermoskin Calf Shin

Provides anatomically shaped comfort and discreet protection of lower-leg conditions.

Price: $39.86 inc. GST
Dynamic Compression Knee Stabiliser Dynamic Compression Knee Stabiliser

The Knee Stabiliser has been designed with additional support and anti-slip to minimise movement. The removable silicone ring is designed to cushion and reduce kneecap movement.

Price: $49.95