Home Workout Bundle 2

Home Workout Bundle 2

Home Workout Bundle 1

iHealthSphere Home Workout Bundle . Perfect for exercise indoors and outdoors for beginners.
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Home Workout Bundle 1

The iHealthSphere Home Workout Bundle is the perfect starter kit for those looking to workout in the comfort of their own home or enjoy the sunshine of outdoors.

Key features and benefits

  • Workout in the comfort of your own home or outside in the sunshine
  • Perfect kit for people wanting to get back into their fitness regime 
  • Products covered by a 12 month guarantee against faulty workmanship or materials
  • Can be used for strength training

Kit includes:

Marble Foam Balance Roller (15x30cm)

The short foam roller can be used for balance training, stretching and also to relieve muscle tension. The roller is extremely versatile and can be utilised for pilates, yoga, massage therapy and physical therapy and the compact size makes it perfect for travel.

Spiky Massage Ball with Hard Core (10cm)
This therapeutic myofascial release ball features soft spikes that simulate the rejuvenating effects of a soothing sports massage. Performing self-massage exercises and muscle release techniques is easy with our spiky physio ball simply roll the ball across the ailing tissue.

Yoga Mat
This dense 5mm rubber yoga mat is a great choice for your daily dose of yoga as it works to absorb shock and ensures long-lasting weather resistant performance so you can take your routine outside for yoga with a view. 


Yoga Block
The iHealthSphere Yoga Block will help you achieve more in your next at home workout session. With this block you can unlock new stretches and positions that were unattainable before, helping you to improve your core strength and add variety to your workout.

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