BetterYou Boost Vitamin B12 Oral Spray

BetterYou Boost Vitamin B12 Oral Spray

BetterYou DLux1000 Vitamin D3 Oral Spray

BetterYou DLux1000 Vitamin D3 Oral Spray

Healthy Bones Bundle

DLux Vitamin D Oral Spray + Magnesium Oil Spray 100ml

Save $10 compared to buying individual items.
The BetterYou Bone Health Bundle contains 2 of our best selling products which provide specific nutrients vital to bone health.
• Helps to maintain strong bones and teeth
• Optimal support for the absorption of calcium
• Effective magnesium absorption 
• Effective vitamin D absorption 
• No tablets, capsules or water required
• Dermatologically tested


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This bundle provides everything you need to maintain healthy bones. Containing 2 of our most popular products, the bundle provides fantastic savings for health-conscious adults who want complete nutritional support in a handy spray:
• DLux Vitamin D Oral Spray - 12ml
• Magnesium Oil Original Spray - 100ml

DLux 1000IU Vitamin D Oral Spray

DLux1000 vitamin D oral delivers 1000IU/25 micrograms to you in one spray. A faster, more effective way to boost your Vitamin D levels.  Vitamin D helps in the maintenance of bones and teeth, supports a normal, healthy immune system and contributes to a normal muscle function.

Magnesium Oil Spray

Using magnesium is an effective way to support healthy magnesium levels. Magnesium promotes energy production, mental clarity, bone and muscle health. A body with the right amount of magnesium will be more supple and will resist fatigue for longer.

Suitable for

• Adults
• Children aged 13 years and above
• Vegetarians
No contraindications with prescribed medications.
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