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BetterYou Curcumin Oral Spray

BetterYou Magnesium Sleep Bath Flakes

Pure magnesium bath flakes with relaxing essential oils

BetterYou Magnesium Sleep Flakes provide a relaxing blend of magnesium with essential oils lavender and chamomile to help slow sensory activity and quieten the mind in preparation for sleep.

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An Essential Part Of Any Bedtime Routine

Magnesium helps to promote overall wellbeing and relaxation. It naturally supports the repair and relaxation of muscles. The intense muscle relaxation experienced when using BetterYou Magnesium Sleep Flakes is second-to-none.

Magnesium also helps improve rest and recovery by contributing to a reduction in tiredness and fatigue, electrolyte balance and supports normal energy-yielding metabolism. It is also vital to support calcium absorption, maintenance of normal bones and teeth, normal psychological function, and healthy functioning of the nervous system.

  • - Expertly blended magnesium and essential oils
  • - Naturally aids muscle recovery and relaxation
  • - Helps you fall asleep
  • - 100% natural magnesium chloride
  • - Certified vegan and palm oil derivative free
  • - Fully recyclable eco-friendly packaging

Suitable for:

  • - All ages

  • - Use during pregnancy and breastfeeding

  • - Vegetarians

  • - Vegans

No contraindications with prescribed medications.


  • Bath - Add 250g Magnesium Sleep Flakes (roughly 2 cups) per bath. Lie back and relax for 20 minutes. Increase amount for a more intensive experience.
  • Footbath - Add 150g Magnesium Sleep Flakes (roughly 1 cup) to approx. 5 litres of water, enough to cover feet. Sit and relax for 20 minutes.


1kg of Magnesium Sleep Flakes contains 120g magnesium.


Magnesium Flakes are very hygroscopic and will quickly absorb moisture if left opened. Store in a dry place and quickly reseal opened bags. Use within 12 months of opening. This packaging can be recycled with other household plastics.


For external use only; Avoid contact with eyes; Do not use on damaged or broken skin. Supplements should not replace a balanced diet or healthy lifestyle


Magnesium chloride hexahydrate flakes, lavandula angustifolia (lavender) oil, anthemis nobilis (chamomile) flower oil, linalool.



Why does it tingle when I apply it to my skin?

This can happen if the body's cellular magnesium levels are low. The skin can tingle as the magnesium is sucked through the skin rapidly and as magnesium is a large molecule it can cause this sensation. It is important to remember though that it isn't an allergic reaction to the magnesium, as it is found naturally within the body and is vital to good health.

Another factor that can influence this reaction is the amount used on one area. We recommend using a small amount per area and increasing gradually. Also if you have dry or broken skin it may heighten the sensation so avoid these areas.

This reaction will decrease as your body's cellular magnesium levels increase.

To reduce the reaction we recommend the following techniques:-

(1) Apply only a small amount to any individual skin area. Massage in well.

(2) Apply after a shower onto wet skin, while pores are open.

(3) Vary the application areas to increase the bodies overall magnesium level.

(4) Little but often is the key. Massage it in and wait for a minute or so then try a little more.

The key is to apply transdermal magnesium wherever it feels comfortable. The magnesium, once absorbed into the skin, is circulated around the body so there is no direct need to focus just on a single area. However, once your magnesium levels begin to rise you will find areas that were sensitive before are no longer so.

Magnesium Flakes can provide a gentle solution to raising your levels. Added to a bath or foot soak they can provide a lower concentration of the solution that will still help increase your magnesium levels.

We always recommend talking to your GP before using a topical supplementation product if you are unsure.

Are there any contradictions with Magnesium Flakes?
There are no contraindications with any of our transdermal magnesium products.

Can I use transdermal magnesium during pregnancy?
Magnesium is very important during this time for both mother and baby as babies are born with twice as much magnesium as calcium, this is what makes them so flexible and why their skin is so elastic and soft.

Our pure magnesium products are perfectly suited for during pregnancy. Magnesium Oil Original spray, Magnesium Flakes and Magnesium Lotion all contain only a pure form of magnesium chloride.

There are no restrictions with dosage level of these products during this time.

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