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Groin and Hip Supports

Our range of groin and hip supports provide prevention of and protection from injury. They are designed to assist in the recovery and pain management of various groin and hip injuries.

Common hip and groin conditions include:
  • Overuse of the Abductor Muscle Tendon
  • Quadriceps Muscle Strains or Tears
  • Hip Displacement
  • Tendonitis
  • Hamstring Rupture
  • Overuse Injury of the Iliopsoas Muscle
  • Hernias
Browse through our range of supports and braces for the hip and groin region. Plus, if you are a healthcare professional be sure to check out our Professional Pricing options.

Browse hip and groin supports:

Thermoskin Sacroiliac Support Belt Thermoskin Sacroiliac Support Belt

Stability through the core area of pelvis, hip and lower back to help reduce injury.

Price: $49.95 inc. GST
Thigh and hamstring support Thermoskin Thigh Hamstring Support

Provides protection to the upper leg and can assist in the prevention and rehabilitation of muscle strain injuries.

Price: $50.81 inc. GST
Thermoskin support for groin and hip stabilisation Thermoskin Groin Hip

Useful in the prevention and rehabilitation of injuries such as hip displacements and tendonitis. Learn more...

Price: $63.62 inc. GST
Inguinal hernia Belt Thermoskin Hernia Belt

The Thermoskin Hernia Belt features flexible front pads to provide additional comfort for medically diagnosed groin complaints

Price: $69.17 inc. GST
Thermoskin Compression Shorts Thermoskin Shorts

Enhanced therapy and thermal support for acute and chronic thigh, hamstring and groin-hip injuries.

Price: $82.50 inc. GST