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Foam/Massage Rolling Therapy

Whether you’re looking to roll out painful stiffness in your legs or adding to your daily stretching routine, foam rollers are a great way to massage the muscles and maintain a healthy blood flow. iHealthSphere’s non-toxic trigger point foam rollers are composed of high density EVA foam and can be used to improve balance, abdominal and back stabilisation and assist stretching positions. Foam rolling can also assist with flexibility, strength and coordination, as well as eliminate muscle tension and improve your core muscle strength. All these amazing benefits are just a few of the reasons why these are the best foam rollers available online. If you’re searching for muscle rollers online, look no further than iHealthSphere. Patients and athletes alike can buy foam rollers to provide self-myofascial release across the hamstrings, IT bands, quadriceps and arms. We even supply therapy grid rollers designed to aerate tissues during your massage. Shop our entire selection today and receive free shipping on your order when you purchase more than $100.

Browse foam/massage rollers:

small eva foam roller Marble Foam Balance Roller (15 x 30cm)

Small, portable foam roller. Can be used for yoga, pilates and physiotherapy.

Price: $19.95 inc. GST
EVA foam roller - 90cm Marble Foam Balance Roller (15 x 90cm)

A useful balance training tool for pilates, yoga, massage therapy and more.

Price: $39.95 inc. GST
Black and yellow flexible massage bar Massage Bar

The Flexible Massage Bar provides a comfortable and effective massage that targets muscles and aids in recovery.

Price: $14.25 inc. GST
Massage Roller Stick Massage Roller Stick

Provides a more comfortable and effective massage that targets muscles and aids in recovery.

Price: $20.85 inc. GST
black and grey massage roller Mini Massage Roller

Mini Massage Roller designed to provide a deep tissue massage.

Price: $18.65 inc. GST
trigger point foam roller Multi-Function Muscle Massage Roller (13 x 30cm)

Trigger Point Foam Roller provides a thorough massage for muscles.

Price: $24.95 inc. GST