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BetterYou Magnesium Flakes  250g

BetterYou Magnesium Flakes 250g

Plantar FXT Ankle Compression Socks

Plantar FXT Ankle Compression Socks

Thermoskin Drink Bottle

800mL BPA Free Thermoskin drink bottle with sports valve.
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Thermoskin Drink Bottle

The Thermoskin drink bottle provides an 800ml volume capacity making it the perfect companion for anyone leading an active lifestyle. The water bottle includes a sports valve for easy on the move use and is completely BPA free.

What is BPA?

BPA, or Bisphenol A, is a chemical which is used in the process of making particular plastic and resin products. BPA is often utilised in polycarbonate plastics which are commonly found in containers that store food and beverages such as food storage containers and water bottles. Research suggests that BPA can transfer from the plastics to the food or liquid contained within. Although low levels of BPA are found in food, higher exposure to BPA may effect the brain, behaviour or gland development in foetuses, infants and children.

How to reduce exposure to BPA

Although research into the effects of BPA contamination is still being undertaken there are ways to reduce your exposure to BPA if you are at all concerned.

  • Seek out plastic products which state they are BPA free. Especially those which you will utilise to contain food or beverages
  • Never expose BPA containers to heat such as microwaves or dishwashers, this is suggested to accelarate the seeping out of BPA
  • Use alternatives to plastic such as porcelain and glass containers
  • Avoid canned foods as cans are lined with a BPA resin