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Mini Massage Roller

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Exercise Ab Wheel/Double Wheel Exerciser

Builds strength and stability in the chest, shoulder, back and arms.
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Exercise Ab Wheel

A great piece of equipment to have for your exercise regime, the Exercise Ab Wheel is easy to use and has durable soft foam hand grips. The Exercise Ab Wheel aids in building strength and stability in the chest, shoulder, back and arms, and can be used to have a great workout which can be achieved anywhere and anytime!

Key Features and Benefits

  • Dual easy-glide wheels for excellent balance and stability
  • Moulded handles for a secure grip
  • Strengthens arms, core, back and shoulders
  • Portable device that is gym and home friendly

How to Use:

Here are two points which are applicable to almost every exercise possible with the Exercise Ab Wheel:
  • Avoid arching your back whilst using the Exercise Ab Wheel, if this proves difficult, shorten the length of the roll, or do the exercise with your knees on the floor
  • Keep your head down with your chin tucked in during the roll; this protects the lower back and neck

May Be Suitable For:

  • Toning core, arms, back and shoulders before, during or after your workouts
  • Travelling, or when access to gym facilities is limited
  • All rehabilitation and fitness programs
  • Builds core strength and stability, focusing on abs and lower back

Size / Dimensions

  • Diameter: 22cm x 26cm
  • Colour: Black & White
*Note: Does not come with knee pad as shown in image