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Tennis Elbow

Elbow Injury Symptoms and Treatment

Elbows are quite complex joints and we rely on them daily to help our arms carry out everyday tasks, such as carrying groceries, doing yoga and driving a car. In fact, the elbow is a hinge joint that allows our forearm to bend, extend and rotate. Athletes and individuals often overuse this particular joint, which can cause pain, and sometimes even a more serious condition. At iHealthSphere, we not only provide items to help with the treatment of elbow injuries, we also created this resource library for patients to use as an informational resource.

There are many different types of elbow injuries—some may be more serious than others. At iHealthSphere, we understand that trying to find the source or cause of your elbow pain is half the battle. We are 100 percent committed to helping individuals and health professionals recognize and treat a variety of elbow injuries. With our helpful articles, you can learn everything from tennis elbow symptoms and treatment to finding the appropriate elbow brace. If you’ve been suffering from elbow joint pain and would like to learn more about a possible cause, browse our articles by clicking on one of the common elbow injuries listed above.

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Dynamic Compression Elbow Sleeve Dynamic Compression Elbow Sleeve

Optimised vertical and horizontal knit pattern provides improved support for the tendons and muscles around the elbow during activity and while at rest.

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