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TheraBand FlexBar

FlexBar provides portable rehabilitation for hands, wrists, shoulders and elbows.

Yellow: Light | Red: Soft | Green: Medium | Blue: Heavy

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TheraBand FlexBar

TheraBand FlexBar® muscle roller provides users with a cost-effective, portable rehabilitation tool for hands, wrists, shoulders and elbows. The Theraband flexible massage roller is available in four different resistance levels, ranging from light to heavy resistance. Each FlexBar roller stick is manufactured from durable, lightweight rubber and is 30.48cm long. Athletes often use FlexBar for tennis elbow treatment and similar conditions because it can help relieve tired, strained muscles.

Theraband Levels of Resistance:
Yellow: Light
Red: Soft
Green: Medium
Blue: Heavy

Read on to discover more about the Theraband FlexBar®, or search all exercise therapy products.

Theraband FlexBar possible benefits:

  • Increased range of motion
  • Increased strength in arms, wrists, shoulders and hands
  • Improved grip strength

How to use the FlexBar

1. Grip bar.
2. Bend and twist as desired to strengthen/rehabilitate affected area.

View our exercises and instructions for a more detailed tutorial. For your safety, we recommend utilising the Theraband FlexBar under supervision of your healthcare professional if attempting to target a specific ailment.


  • Pricing differs depending on size option / resistance bar selected
  • Pricing featured is based on Red Soft Resistance Standard RRP
  • Professional pricing on other size options visible at checkout if applicable.
  • Natural rubber may aggravate some users

About TheraBand

TheraBand Professional Resistance products are the original system of progressive resistance and utilised in many rehabilitiation programs across the globe.The product range includes Theraband Resistance Bands, Theraband Flexbar and also Theraband Resistance Tubing.

The system includes progressive colour-coded resistance levels ranging from extra light resistance to especially heavy. Theraband products can be utilised to rehabilitate injuries and/or improve athletic performance.

Features and benefits of TheraBand products:

  • Latex free options, suitable for patients with sensitivities and allergies

  • Inexpensive rehabilitation tool

  • Adaptable to many levels of fitness

  • Portable and compact, easy to carry in your bag and to store

  • Virtually limitless uses, useful for whole body exercises

  • Recognised and used throughout the world

  • Progressive resistance indicates progress