Thea Band

TheraBand 45.7M (50-Yard) Dispenser Box

TheraBand FlexBar

TheraBand FlexBar

TheraBand 5.4M (6-Yard) Bands

TheraBand Resistance Bands help users rehabilitate injuries and/or enhance athletic performance.

Tan: Extra Thin | Yellow: Thin | Red: Medium | Green: Heavy | Blue: Extra Heavy | Black: Special Heavy

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TheraBand 5 Meter Bands

TheraBand 5.4M Bands provide users with colour-coded progressive resistance to help you stay on track with your program. Useful in both rehabilitation and strength training capacity. TheraBand Resistance Bands come in different colours which indicate levels of progress, ranging from Extra Mild resistance to Super Heavy resistance. The bands can be used in a rehabilitation capacity or to improve strength and target specific muscle groups.

Theraband Levels of Resistance:
Tan: Extra Thin
Yellow: Thin
Red: Medium
Green: Heavy
Blue: Extra Heavy
Black: Special Heavy
Silver: Super Heavy

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TheraBand product benefits:

  • Bands are available in seven colour-coded levels of resistance, ranging mild to super heavy resistance
  • The colour coded system provides the user with a clear visual of progress from one level to the next
  • Bands are easily dispensed from professional boxes

Theraband Resistance Bands have almost limitless uses, including:

  • Improved muscle coordination
  • Increased range of motion in joints
  • Increased strength and muscle tone

Additional notes:

  • Pricing differs depending on size option / resistance band selected
  • Latex may aggravate some users (see latex-free version)

*colours may vary from images

About TheraBand

TheraBand Professional Resistance products are the original system of progressive resistance and utilised in many rehabilitiation programs across the globe.The product range includes Theraband Resistance Bands, Theraband Flexbar and also Theraband Resistance Tubing.

The system includes progressive colour-coded resistance levels ranging from extra light resistance to especially heavy. Theraband products can be utilised to rehabilitate injuries and/or improve athletic performance.

Features and benefits of TheraBand products:

  • Latex free options, suitable for patients with sensitivities and allergies

  • Inexpensive rehabilitation tool

  • Adaptable to many levels of fitness

  • Portable and compact, easy to carry in your bag and to store

  • Virtually limitless uses, useful for whole body exercises

  • Recognised and used throughout the world

  • Progressive resistance indicates progress

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