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TheraBand 25ft Resistance Tubing

TheraBand 25 FT Tubing

TheraBand 6-Yard Bands-

TheraBand 6-Yard Bands

TheraBand 50-Yard Dispenser Box

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TheraBand Professional 50-Yard Resistance Bands in a convenient Dispenser Box
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TheraBand 50-Yard Dispenser Box

Our TheraBand 50 yd fitness bands come in a convenient dispenser box for easy use. This product is ideal for physiotherapists, physicians, athletic trainers and health professionals to assist their clients in recovering from injuries and attaining their athletic peak.

TheraBand 50-yard elastic workout bands are available in seven different colours. Each colour corresponds to a different resistance level, so patients can track their progress as they move on to harder levels of resistance. Whether your patient wants to increase joint stability and range of motion or strengthen muscles to rehab a specific body part, these fitness bands are a great fit.

Theraband Resistance Grades:
Tan: Extra Thin
Yellow: Thin
Red: Medium
Green: Heavy
Blue: Extra Heavy
Black: Special Heavy

Read below to learn more about the TheraBand 50-yard leg resistance and training bands or check out some of our other exercise therapy products.

TheraBand product benefits:

  • Bands are available in seven colour-coded levels of resistance, ranging mild to super heavy resistance
  • The colour coded system provides the user with a clear visual of progress from one level to the next
  • The natural rubber tubing is easy to cut, easy to grip and smooth on skin
  • Theraband Resistance Bands have almost limitless uses, including:

  • Rehabilitation from injuries
  • Increasing athletic performance
  • Used in fitness classes such as yoga and Pilates

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    About TheraBand

    TheraBand Professional Resistance products are the original system of progressive resistance and utilised in many rehabilitiation programs across the globe.The product range includes Theraband Resistance Bands, Theraband Flexbar and also Theraband Resistance Tubing.

    The system includes progressive colour-coded resistance levels ranging from extra light resistance to especially heavy. Theraband products can be utilised to rehabilitate injuries and/or improve athletic performance.

    Features and benefits of TheraBand products:

  • Latex free options, suitable for patients with sensitivities and allergies

  • Inexpensive rehabilitation tool

  • Adaptable to many levels of fitness

  • Portable and compact, easy to carry in your bag and to store

  • Virtually limitless uses, useful for whole body exercises

  • Recognised and used throughout the world

  • Progressive resistance indicates progress