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Cello Paper Practitioner Supplies

Are you a healthcare practitioner that manages a clinic or works in a medical environment? We offer a variety of paper clinic supplies from Cello, one of the leading manufacturers of medical exam table paper, multipurpose utility sheets, chiropractic headrest paper and more. These products are ideal for health professionals who need durable, high-quality paper products at an affordable price.

Beloved by chiropractors, Cello headrest rolls can be used to protect examination beds and prevent the spread of germs or contamination. The Cello medical paper rolls are also popular with medical professionals due to their perforated edges, ease of use and accurate fitting capabilities. At iHealthSphere, we understand that using high quality supplies in your day-to-day routine improves the service provided to patients. We are proud to offer fast shipping and affordable pricing on our Cello Paper supplies. Please take a moment to browse our selection and stock up!

utility roll Multipurpose Utility Rolls (Carton)

Embossed and perforated multipurpose utility sheets. Available in cartons of 6 or 12 (dependent on size).

Price: $67.79 inc. GST
Headpads Fenestrated Headpads Circle Cut (1000)

The Cello Multi-ply Chiropractic Headpads feature a central circle-out for ease of use.
Designed to fit quickly and easy to dispose of after use. Available in packs of 10 x 100.

Price: $133.41 inc. GST