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EXOâ„¢ Dual Pad Tennis Elbow Support EXO Dual Pad Tennis Elbow Support

Tennis Elbow Support provides protection, compression to the problem areas of tennis and golfer's elbows injuries. Suitable for sportspeople, tradesmen and physical jobs.

Price: $34.95 inc. GST
Thermoskin EXO Adjustable Thumb Stabiliser EXO Adjustable Thumb Stabiliser

Thumb Stabiliser has two flexible supports for each side of the thumb. These support the thumb joint and reduces the effect of overuse and hyperextension.

Price: $32.95
Thermoskin EXO Adjustable Ankle Wrap EXO Adjustable Ankle Wrap

Provides protection, ankle joint stability and increased thermal properties that aid in the rehabilitation of ankle and Achilles tendon injuries. Full wrap design for comfort and side elastic straps for additional ankle support.

Price: $39.95 inc. GST
Thermoskin EXO Adjustable Elbow Wrap EXO Adjustable Elbow Wrap

Full wrap design provides compression and support whilst maintaining comfort. Suitable for elbow injuries, sportspeople, tradesmen and manual handling jobs.

Price: $44.95 inc. GST
Thermoskin EXO Stabilising Knee Sleeve EXO Stabilising Knee Sleeve

Anatomically shaped to stabilise and support the knee and patella whist in use. The hexagon opening for the patella helps to keep it free from compression and provides 360ยบ support.

Price: $53.95
Thermoskin EXO Double Shoulder EXO Double Shoulder

The Double Shoulder provides protection, warmth and support for both shoulders. It is useful as an adjunct in rehabilitation after surgery or to stimulate blood flow in tendonitis cases. Designed with Lycra inserts for better fit and comfort during wear.

Price: $129.95 inc. GST