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Nature’s Kiss Anti-Flamme Cream for Muscle Relief

Anti-Flamme muscle rub is a leading massage cream in Australia and focuses on soothing strained, tired muscles and easing sports injuries. It comes in a variety of convenient tub size options and is available for purchase by both private and professional customers alike.

Some of the benefits of using Anti-Flamme may include:

  • Reducing joint inflammation caused by arthritis
  • Soothe bruises, bumps, aches and strains
  • Reduce muscle soreness and soft tissue trauma

If you experience any of these conditions or you are just looking for general skin relief, our Anti-Flamme arnica cream and ointment could be the right choice for you.

Whether you’re an individual or a business, this Anti-Flamme arthritis cream is the product many customers rely on for pain relief. We even offer a 30-day return period so you can return or exchange items that didn’t work for you. Shop with iHealthSphere today!


anti flamme muscle cream Anti-Flamme Herbal Crème 90g

Symptomatic relief of sore or strained muscles, aching joints and more. 90g

Price: $17.99 inc. GST
Anti-Flamme Muscle Cream 450g Anti-Flamme Herbal Crème 450g

Symptomatic relief of sore or strained muscles, aching joints and more. 450g

Price: $44.99 inc. GST
Anti-Flamme Professional Massage Lotion 500g Anti-Flamme Professional Herbal Massage Lotion 500g

Assists to relieve the aches and pains of professional sportspeople and athletes. 500g

Price: $49.95 inc. GST