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Acupuncture Needles

Our selection of acupuncture needles provide professionals with a one hand aim and insertion to assist with pain free treatment for your patients. Red Coral is one of the most revered acupuncture needles to arrive in Australia; made with German stainless steel the needle provides practitioners with easy application. Red Coral needles are designed and developed in conjunction with healthcare practitioners and is one of the most high end acupuncture needle brands on the market. We offer a wide range of different sizes to choose from.

Our Dry Needles allow professionals to treat pain associated with injuries. Needles are inserted into a trigger point to help alleviate muscle pain. Our Myotech dry needles allow for smooth insertion and deeper penetration. The Red Coral Myotech dry needles are made with the same high quality German stainless steel, features a micro channeled needle body and is coated in Parylene for maximum comfort during insertion.

iHealthSphere is a proud Red Coral and Myotech dry needle stockist, assisting healthcare practitioners to buy acupuncture and dry needling supplies.

Read on to see all acupuncture needles for sale or, discover more about our professional pricing program for practitioners.

Browse acupuncture and dry needling supplies:

Natural acupuncture needles Red Coral Natural Acupuncture Needles

Red Coral Natural Acupuncture Needles (TGA Certified).

Price: $9.90 inc. GST
Dry needles Red Coral Myotech Dry Needles

The Red Coral Myotech Dry Needles are the strongest dry needle on the market in Australia.

Price: $18.95 inc. GST
sharps container 1L Sharps Container

1L sharps container for safe disposal of sharp and contaminated waste.

Price: $3.85 inc. GST