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Thermoskin Elastic

Thermoskin Elastic Supports are designed to reduce swelling and provide general support for weak and injured muscles and joints. Choose from supports with
2 way or 4 way stretch, which contour to the shape of the affected body part and permit a full range of movement or Airmesh material for maximum ventilation and comfortable continuous wear.

Benefits of 2 or 4 way Stretch:
  • Combines soft, ventilated knit for extended wear
  • Provides even compression for swelling
  • Supports injured muscles or joints

Benefits of Airmesh Advantage:
  • Combines lightweight, power fabric with a breathable mesh knit
  • Provides maximum ventilation
  • Comfortable continuous wear
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Browse Thermoskin Elastic Supports & Braces

wrist wrap support Thermoskin Elastic Wrist Wrap

Elastic Wrist Wrap by Thermoskin provides support for injured and weak wrists directly after trauma.

Price: $18.87 inc. GST
ankle support Thermoskin Elastic Ankle

The support is anatomically designed to contour comfortably to the shape of your ankle.

Price: $19.59 inc. GST
ankle wrap support Thermoskin Elastic Ankle Wrap

Features an additional wrap closure which provides the ability to add compression either medially or laterally as needed.

Price: $24.44 inc. GST
elastic knee support Thermoskin Elastic Knee

The Elastic Knee Support contours comfortably to the body and the 2 way stretch elastic technology prevents bunching

Price: $21.90 inc. GST
elastic knee support Thermoskin Elastic Knee 4-Way

4-Way stretch material contours, providing greater all round compression and support.

Price: $30.35 inc. GST
elbow support Thermoskin Elastic Elbow

Elastic Elbow by Thermoskin provides even compression and support for weak and injured elbows.

Price: $19.59 inc. GST
abdominal binder Thermoskin Surgical Binder

Adjustable compression for abdomen and rib-related injuries.

Price: $29.92 inc. GST
Sale Price: $20.94 inc. GST
Savings: $8.98
elastic wrist and hand splint Thermoskin Elastic Wrist Hand Brace

Elastic Wrist Hand Brace provides support for acute injuries and Carpal Tunnel.

Price: $36.31
stabilising back support Thermoskin Elastic Back Stabiliser

The Thermoskin Elastic Back Stabiliser provides provides compression and support for general lower back dysfunctions.

Price: $61.44
knee stabilising support Thermoskin Stabilising Knee Sleeve

Moderate compression and support for weak and injured knees.

Price: $29.37
abdominal binder Thermoskin Abdominal Binder

Adjustable compression and even support for abdomen and rib-related injuries.

Price: $29.92 inc. GST