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Exercise, Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Supplies

Each of our exercise therapy products has a specific purpose toward recovering and strengthening bodies in getting back to their healthy selves. Our resistance stretch bands will improve your strength and range of motion. Our foam muscle rollers will enhance balance, flexibility, strength and coordination. And lastly, our fitness and massage balls will help with posture, spinal health and muscle relief.

Don’t let an injury or a chronic condition keep you from living your life the way you want. There are plenty of options for pain management and recovery, and we offer many effective products here. Whether you’ve been injured or simply want to improve strength or relieve muscle tension, you’ll be back to your daily routine in no time with the physical therapy products below.

iHealthSphere products are top of the line and available at competitive prices. Orders over $100 will be shipped free within Australia. Don’t drag yourself through a long recovery – find everything you need here and take the first step toward a healthy future.

Benefits of our Exercise & Rehab range:
Theraband Resistance Bands – improve strength, range of motion and cooperation of muscle groups
Foam Massage Rollers – improve balance, flexibility, strength and coordination, eliminates muscle tension and strengthens core muscle strength
Fitness Balls – perfect for Yoga, Pilates, working out or physiotherapy to improve coordination, balance, posture and spinal health
Spiky Massage Balls – provide targeted relief from muscle tension

Browse exercise therapy and rehab products:

resistance tube TheraBand 25 FT Tubing

TheraBand 25ft Resistance Tubing for resistance-based exercises.

Price: $28.36 inc. GST
resistance tube TheraBand 100ft Resistance Tubing

TheraBand 100ft Resistance Tubing for resistance-based exercises.

Price: $97.35 inc. GST
TheraBand 6-Yard Bands TheraBand 6-Yard Bands

TheraBand Resistance Bands help users rehabilitate injuries and/or enhance athletic performance.

Price: $24.40 inc. GST
TheraBand Latex Free Resistance Bands Theraband 25-Yard Latex Free

Latex free TheraBand 25-yard resistance tubing.

Price: $90.83 inc. GST
theraband 50-yard resistance bands in box TheraBand 50-Yard Dispenser Box

TheraBand Professional 50-Yard Resistance Bands in a convenient Dispenser Box

Price: $160.03 inc. GST
TheraBand FlexBar TheraBand FlexBar

FlexBar provides portable rehabilitation for hands, wrists, shoulders and elbows.

Price: $25.17 inc. GST
trigger point foam roller Multi-Function Muscle Massage Roller (13 x 30cm)

Trigger Point Foam Roller provides a thorough massage for muscles.

Price: $24.95 inc. GST
small eva foam roller Marble Foam Balance Roller (15 x 30cm)

Small, portable foam roller. Can be used for yoga, pilates and physiotherapy.

Price: $19.95 inc. GST
EVA foam roller - 90cm Marble Foam Balance Roller (15 x 90cm)

A useful balance training tool for pilates, yoga, massage therapy and more.

Price: $39.95 inc. GST
red exercise ball Anti-Burst Fitness Balls (55cm) Red

55cm red fitness ball. Perfect for exercise, physiotherapy and as a replacement chair

Price: $19.95 inc. GST
Blue Fitness Ball 65cm Anti-Burst Fitness Balls (65cm) Blue

65cm blue fitness ball. Perfect for exercise, physiotherapy and as a replacement chair

Price: $21.95 inc. GST
silver exercise ball Anti-Burst Fitness Balls (75cm) Silver

75cm silver fitness ball. Perfect for exercise, physiotherapy and as a replacement chair

Price: $26.95 inc. GST
Foot Pump 5000cc Foot Pump 5000cc

Maybe be used to inflate fitness balls and other inflatables

Price: $13.95 inc. GST
spiky massage ball Spiky Massage Ball with Hard Core (10cm)

Spiky Massage Ball designed to simulate the effects of a sports massage.

Price: $9.90 inc. GST
Flexeze Heat Patches - 50 Pack for Professionals FLEXEZE HEAT PATCHES (50 PACK)

Perfect for relief of back pain or arthritic pain associated with muscular spasm and joint stiffness.

Price: $99.95 inc. GST
Black and yellow flexible massage bar Massage Bar

The Flexible Massage Bar provides a comfortable and effective massage that targets muscles and aids in recovery.

Price: $14.25 inc. GST
Massage Roller Stick Massage Roller Stick

Provides a more comfortable and effective massage that targets muscles and aids in recovery.

Price: $20.85 inc. GST
8 Fold Exercise Mat 8 Fold Exercise Mat

Exercise Mat to cushion and protect the body from exercise stress.

Price: $60.50 inc. GST
black and grey massage roller Mini Massage Roller

Mini Massage Roller designed to provide a deep tissue massage.

Price: $18.65 inc. GST
Mini Massage Ball Mini Massage Ball – Soft

Mini Massage Ball designed for self massage to relieve tension

Price: $7.65 inc. GST
trigger point balls Trigger Point Balls - Set of 3

Trigger Point Massage balls for a gentle stimulating massage

Price: $20.85 inc. GST
balance cushion Balance Cushion

Balance Cushion to aid core strength and balance

Price: $20.85 inc. GST
Cable Core Skipping Rope Cable Core Skipping Rope

Skipping rope to improve cardiovascular health, tone and build muscle

Price: $20.85 inc. GST
Exercise Ab Wheel Exercise Ab Wheel/Double Wheel Exerciser

Builds strength and stability in the chest, shoulder, back and arms.

Price: $20.85 inc. GST
Blue and purple yoga blocks Yoga Block

Yoga block to help with balance and flexibility

Price: $16.45 inc. GST
Pilates double hand ring Pilates Ring - Medium Resistance

Pilates ring to tone and strengthen many vital muscle groups.

Price: $25.25 inc. GST
Yoga mats lined up Yoga Mat

Non-slip, supportive yoga mat.

Price: $21.95 inc. GST
Resistance Tubing Resistance Tubing - Medium Resistance

Resistance Tubing for a total body workout.

Price: $14.25 inc. GST
exercise kit Exercise Kit

iHealthSphere exercise kit. Perfect for exercise indoors and outdoors for beginners.

Price: $49.95 inc. GST