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Ares Kinesio Strapping Tape Blue kinesio tape Kinesio tape roll
Available in a range of colours, discover the many benefits of the Ares kinesio tape range. May enhance performance by aiding the rehabilitation from sports-related injuries, such as shin splints. Ares Kinesio Tape offers a gentle but effective approach to the management of muscle and joint pain and shin splints
Thermoskin universal wrist support Tan Thermoskin Stabilising Thumb Splint Tan Thermoskin Semi-Rigid Thum Support Brace
Thermoskin Wrist
Price: $23.11 inc. GST
Thermoskin Thermal Wrist provides mild support for wrist-related injuries such as sprains and tendonitis. Prevent hyperextension of the thumb with this rigid splint. Semi-rigid splint supports the CMC joint and UCL joint and may be useful in treating sport-induced injuries.