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Flexeze Heat Wrap Kit Ares Kinesio Strapping Tape Blue kinesio tape
Price: $10.95 inc. GST
Perfect for patients and customers for relief of back pain or arthritic pain associated with muscular spasm and joint stiffness. Available in a range of colours, discover the many benefits of the Ares kinesio tape range. May enhance performance by aiding the rehabilitation from sports-related injuries, such as shin splints.
Kinesio tape roll balance cushion Thermoskin wrist hand brace with thumb splint
Balance Cushion
Price: $20.85 inc. GST
Ares Kinesio Tape offers a gentle but effective approach to the management of muscle and joint pain and shin splints Balance Cushion to aid core strength and balance Provides deluxe support with splints for optimising wrist and thumb positioning.
Circulation Thermal Slippers
Circulation Thermal Slippers
Price: $39.95 inc. GST
Circulation Thermal Slippers increase blood flow to the feet to assist with various conditions such as diabetes, arthritic pain, Raynaud's syndrome or cold and sensitive feet.